An Overview of Boston

New EnglandBoston is one of the oldest settlements in the US and is the largest city in New England. Its history is steeped in culture, yet with more than 50 colleges and universities here, there is a youthful dimension that contrasts the city’s historic charm. The city’s blend of history and modern style is seen in its mix of exceptional architecture, colonial churches, parks, gardens and museums and galleries. Boston is home to the country’s first public library, first public school and the first subway system

The city was also the site of the Boston Tea Party, a significant event leading up to the American Revolution. Boston calls itself the ‘Walking City’ and is remarkably compact, centered on the oldest public park in the US; Boston Common. The Information Center marks the beginning of the city’s main attraction, which is in fact a walking tour: the Freedom Trail guides visitors through the city’s revolutionary past and the birth of the nation.

The city of Cambridge is situated directly opposite Boston, with the Charles River dividing the two. It’s noted for being the largest college town in the world, and home to world-renowned Harvard University, founded in 1638. In both cities, ivy-covered brick buildings, mazes of twisting streets and historical attractions in the old-world neighborhoods lend themselves to exploration on foot.

The UK and Ireland are well-connected to Boston by a number of airlines offering direct flights from London Heathrow, Manchester and Dublin. American Airlines, British Airways, Continental and Virgin Atlantic provide service from London; American Airlines and British Airways also offer direct flights from Manchester; and Aer Lingus operates direct service from Dublin. Flights from London to Boston take just over seven hours. The accessibility makes Boston one of the more popular US destinations for British and European tourists and travelers.

Boston’s Logan Airport is also served by several domestic airlines, and the city is the northernmost point on Amtrak’s north-eastern rail corridor. Inter-state bus services and an excellent highway system make it convenient to reach Boston by road as well.